Jamie Sittner

Jamie Sittner

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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I grew up in Galway and currently live in Montgomery County with my husband Ozzie, sons Max & Jett and daughter Waverley.

I became a Realtor in 2009 for two main reasons; I love architecture and I love helping people. As corny as the second one sounds, I truly mean it! One of the best feelings is walking into a property with a client, stepping back and watching them get excited and start to explore. They begin to see the property for not what it currently is but all that it’s going to be when it belongs to them. They see the family that will grow up there and the new life they’ll have living there. Then they turn to me and say “This is the one!”. To me, it’s an amazing thing to be a part of.

My other passion in this business is the architecture! Seeing all the different styles, designs and ages of homes and buildings is just incredible. Whether it’s a Farmhouse, Contemporary, Victorian or Colonial, I love having the opportunity to explore and learn about them all.

Whether you’re buying, selling, renting or investing; I’m here with you until we reach the closing table.

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